Houston Corkscrew

  • people on the patio


  • nick and audience

    Consumer comment:
    I absolutely loved the ambience here. It is a pretty chill place with a live band! The night
    i went there was one guy on a piano and one on the drums. A two man band that was
    incredible! They played different renditions of popular songs but what I loved the most is
    that it was so soulful. Also the drinks were really good. Definitely try the vodka cucumber
    when you go!
    -Jennifer N.
  • the joe pesci

    Consumer comment:
    “I live in the neighborhood and have been in many times. Love the place, love the
    owner and the staff. Arugula pizza is to die for.Great patio outside and great piano
    bar on the inside. These folks actually treat you like they have know you for years.”
    -James C.
    –April W.
  • people by the bar

    Consumer comment:
    Stumbled upon this gem looking for an unpretentious wine bar for my gal
    pals and I to have a quiet happy hour. Honestly it has become one of my
    favorite places in Houston.
    –April W.



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Welcome to Corkscrew Houston

Welcome to Corkscrew Houston

At the Corkscrew we are all about hospitality and good atmosphere, feel free to check out the about page and read a brief bio about Corkscrew Houston. You will also get a look at photos of the interior.

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Our Artist in Residence

Our Artist in Residence

Be sure to click the link below to check out Pianist Extraordinaire, Nick Greer’s artist page.  

ShowtimesThursdays 8-11 (1 set) | Fridays 9-1 (3 sets) | Saturdays 9-1 (3 sets)

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